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How to use ApeX Pro, deposit,withdraw & trade.

ApeX Pro allows traders to trade the following stocks with up to 20 times leverage.

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • ATOM
  • DOGE

You can also dig for BANA, a proprietary token, through transaction mining.


Use the SUI blockchain project on the testnet to get an airdrop of SUI tokens.

>>How to get sui network testnet token for airdrop


How to use ApeX Pro

To trade with ApeX Pro, you need to

  • Connect your Web3 wallet
  • Deposit crypto into ApeX Pro

Complete the two steps above to start trading.

Connect metamask to the ApeX Pro

>>ApeX Pro

Click Connect Wallet and select a wallet.

  • Metamask
  • Trust Wallet
  • Rainbow Wallet
  • imToken Wallet
  • BitKeep Wallet
  • TokenPoket
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Walletconnect

Two signature requests are received by Metamask.

  • Verify that you are the owner of the wallet
  • Enabling access to the API

There is confirmation of the terms and conditions in order to adhere to relevant national or regional policies.

  • Not available to US residents or companies.
  • Trading on APEX PRO is prohibited in the US or any restricted location.
  • Connection via VPN is also not permitted.
  • Agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Register your username and email address.

deposit to ApeX Pro

I selected the Polygon network and deposited MATIC.

The minimum withdrawal amount is USD 10.

When you deposit MATIC, it is converted to USDC by ApeX Pro.

Deposit has started.

MATIC deposited in ApeX Pro at USDC to be used for margin.

withdraw with ApeX Pro

Click ‘Withdraw’ on the trade screen.

The minimum withdrawal amount for ApeX Pro is USD 10.

  • Non-etherium withdrawals require verification in L2 (by ZK proof) and may take up to 4 hours to process the withdrawal.
  • Sufficient funds must be available in the corresponding chain’s asset pool to process non-Ethernet withdrawals.
  • There will also be a gas fee; ApeX Pro will charge a fee to cover this.

Confirm Withdrawal.

The status of withdrawals can be checked under Dashboard > Transfers.

Trading with ApeX Pro

Once deposited, you can trade with USDC on margin, as shown in the image.

An overview of your positions can be found on the ApeX Pro ‘Dashboard’.

To close a position, go to the trade screen from the ‘Trade’ tab.

From Close By.

  • Limit
  • Market

Select ‘Limit’. In this case, select ‘Limit’.

Confirm order with Confirm. The position is eliminated.


This is how to use ApeX Pro.

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