Metamask how to import seed phrase

If I change my phone model or buy a new computer, can I carry over my previous account?

This issue answers these questions.

If you want to import and use the same account as before, such as when you buy a new computer or smartphone or reinstall Metamask, you can easily restore it by remembering 12 English words called seed phrase.

In this article, we will explain how to import an account using the seed phrase into the Metamask of a new device.

We will now explain it with easy-to-follow images.


Can i change my metamask seed phrase?

Can the seed phrase of the metamask be changed?

No, it cannot. This is because the Metamask wallet has one seed phrase per account.

If you want to change the seed phrase, you have to delete the metamask and create a new account.

If you want to create more than one account with a metamask, this article will help you.

>>Multiple metamask accounts.Creat and import

How do I recover a metamask password?

Select metamask settings.

Open Security and Settings.

Click Change password.

Finally, enter the new password twice and you are done.

The meta-mask password has been updated.

When the password for the metamask is lost. When the metamask password is correct but the metamask cannot be opened.

In these cases, follow these steps to restore

  • Uninstall Metamask.
  • Restore it using seed phrase

Metamask may not be able to be opened even if the password is not wrong, in which case, restore it!

How to recover metamask wallet

First of all, download a new copy of Metamask

The setup procedure is the same for the mobile app iOS Android

We will be using a browser extension to explain this, so install it in your browser!

Click on the Downlord for button

Click Add to Chrome to download

Once downloaded, click Start to open

This time you will import the wallet using seed phrase you used before, so click Import Wallet to restore the wallet you used before

Import seed phrase to metamask

Enter the seed phrase in order, being careful not to make typos.

It is important to note that if any of the 12 English words are spelt incorrectly or in the wrong order, the wallet cannot be imported!

If you have stored the wrong English words in the seed phrase, you will not be able to access your wallet

This means you cannot retrieve your funds

After entering the seed phrase, set a password

This password will be used to log in to Metamask, so try to use a strong password.

(It is strictly forbidden to use the same password that you use for SNS, etc.)

After setting the password, click Import.

Click on Agree.

You can now import your account using the seed phrase

Points for using seed phrase

Thus, with the seed phrase, you can import your wallet into a new app!

You can also use the Secret Recovery Phrase to import into other wallets than Metamask, so if you find another wallet you like, you can import it there and use it.

There is one thing you need to be careful of when working with seed phrase

If someone knows your seed phrase, they can use this method to restore it and manipulate your wallet.

Therefore, the seed phrase should be stored in such a way that no one can know it

  • Take a photo of the seed phrase and save it to the cloud
  • Copy the seed phrase and save it in your notes app

Many people save it in these ways, but if the account of the app where it is saved is hijacked, the seed phrase can easily be stolen.

Security on the app side also requires measures such as changing the password frequently!

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