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ZetaLabs (ZetaChain) to for airdrop

Which projects have the highest expectations apart from Sui Network?

This issue answers these questions.

Airdrops using Testnet.Apart from Sui Network, the project with the highest expectations is ZetaLabs.

In this article, we will explain how to use ZetaLabs’ Testnet.

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Collecting ZP on the ZetaLabs testnet

You can use the ZetaLabs testnet to accumulate Zeta Points (ZP).

It’s a testnet, so you don’t have to pay for gas. It’s all free, so use it a lot and earn points.

To accumulate ZPs, you will need

  • Meta mask
  • Twitter
  • Discord

Let’s take a look.

How to use ZetaLabs testnet

First, access the ZetaLabs testnet page.

  • If you are on a computer, open it in your browser.
  • If you are on a mobile phone, open it in the MetaMask browser.

Once the page is open, connect the metamask under ‘Connect Wallet’.

Get Zeta testnet token

To begin with, mint the Zeta testnet token.

Click on the tab ‘Get Zeta’.

Connect your Twitter account to the metamask and click ‘Request Assets’ to receive a Zeta token.

You can also request a testnet token on the ZetaLabs Discord.

On the Discord, under ‘Zeta-faucet’, you can use.

zeta faucet drip.
to request a testnet token.

The next step is to swap using this testnet token.

Swap Zeta testnet token

Select Swap from the tab.

Select the network and token and click ‘Review Order’, as shown in the image.

Then click on ‘Allow ZETA Transfer’. After approval with the meta mask, subsequently click on ‘Swap’.

Swap will start, and you will accumulate 1,000 ZetaPoints per Swap.

Swap using XDEFI Wallet

With the XDEFI Wallet, you can choose bitcoin as the source for your swap application.

First, download and install XDEFI Wallet.

>>XDEFI Wallet

Get a testnet token from Fauset.

Before you get a testnet token, set up your network with XDEFI Wallet.

Turn on ZetaChain Testnet.

Next, copy the bitcoin address.

When you are ready, you will receive a testnet token.


Enter the bitcoin address you have just copied in the red box and click ‘Send testnet bitcoins’ to receive a testnet token.

Swap to the ZetaLabs testnet.

Switch to Bitcoin Testnet and you will be connected to the XDEFI Wallet.

Select Goerli for Receive.

Click ‘Continue’.

Click on ‘Swap’.

Enter the receiving address. The EVM address that is normally connected to the ZetaChain Testnet is OK.

This completes the process.

Earn Zeta testnet Point

This tab allows you to share the link on Twitter and other social networking sites.

You can earn 5,000 ZP for every person you refer, so spreading the word on social networking sites is an efficient way of earning points.

Minting the OAT (NFT batch) of ZetaLabs

Galxe can mint OATs (NFT batches) from ZetaLabs.

OAT stands for ‘Onchain Achievement Token’. You should get one as it may also be used as proof of initial user status.

>>Galxe’s ZetaChain OAT page

  • Connect Connect with us on Connect Discord
  • Follow ZetaLabs on Twitter

Once the above has been completed, the ‘Set Discord to~’ button will change and you can ‘Claim’.

When you Claim, an OAT (NFT batch) will be sent to Metamask.


This is how to use ZetaLabs’ testnet to target airdrops of Zeta tokens.

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