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How to buy crypto on Binance with a credit/debit card

I want to buy crypto immediately on Binance using my credit/debit card.

This article is for this type of person.

You can immediately trade on Binance if you buy with a credit/debit card. There are plenty of opportunities with Binance because of the abundance of altcoins.

>>How to create Binance account and verify identity


Credit/debit cards accepted on Binance

The two credit/debit cards that can be used on Binance are Visa and Mastercard.

Up to five cards can be registered on Binance.

Note that if you delete a registered card, the same card cannot be re-registered until 48 hours have passed.

Currencies available for credit/debit card purchases on Binance

6 types of cryptocurrency that can be purchased with a credit card.


If you want to buy a cryptocurrency other than those listed above, buy USDT once and then exchange it for another cryptocurrency.

Fees for using credit/debit cards on Binance

When using a credit/debit card on Binance, you will be charged a fee of 3.5% of the cryptocurrency price or USD 10, whichever is higher.

Some credit/debit cards offer cash back, which can be used to your advantage.

Advantages of using a credit/debit card on Binance

  • You can buy altcoins vetted by Binance
  • No hassle and time-consuming

Binance is vetted before listing. You have the advantage of being able to buy promising altcoins that have passed that screening.

Another advantage is that it does not take long to buy on Binance. This is important in not missing out on the best timing.

Disadvantages of using a credit/debit card on Binance

  • High fees.
  • Credit/debit cards may not be accepted in some countries

Fees may be higher than for legal currency deposits.

When you cannot pay with a credit/debit card on Binance

We actually tried two types of debit cards, some of which could be used and some of which could not.

WISE (Transferwise) can be used for payment without any problems.

Debit cards that can be used for payments on Binance.

international debit cards

How to make credit/debit card purchases on Binance

This section explains how to buy cryptocurrency using a credit/debit card on Binance, with images.

using a credit/debit card on Binance
See procedure
Visit the official Binance page

From the Binance homepage, click on ‘Buy cryptocurrency’.

Then select ‘Credit/debit card’.

Select the cryptocurrency you want to buy

Select the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase and enter the quantity.

In this case, enter 10,000 yen worth of bitcoins.

Select the card to be used for payment

Add a card to be used for purchases. Select ‘Add new card’.

You can register up to five cards for payment.

Enter the card number, expiry date and other information. When you have entered the information correctly, click ‘Confirm’.

This completes the registration of your card. Click on ‘Continue’.

carry out personal authentication

To make a purchase using your card, you need to authenticate yourself.

Click on ‘Start now’ to complete the authentication process.

After reviewing the terms and conditions, tick the box and click ‘Start’.

An external organisation is used for authentication. If everything is OK, tick the box and click ‘Confirm’.

This completes the personal authentication.

Confirmation of purchase

Check the commission and purchase price.

When you have checked everything, tick the box and confirm the order with ‘Approve’.

You have now purchased cryptocurrency with your credit/debit card.

The purchased bitcoins are transferred to your physical wallet on Binance.

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