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What is CRYPTOS? crypto exchange by BigBoss

What is CRYPTOS? crypto exchange by BigBoss?

BigBoss is an international forex broker founded in 2013, and since February 2021 has featured mixed martial artist Bob Sapp, a well-known figure in Japan, as its global ambassador.

CRYPTOS and BigBoss can be traded under the same account, and accounts are registered with BigBoss.

  • You can trade a wide range of currencies, from forex to physical cryptos
  • Support is always available
  • Fastest 0-day! Fastest withdrawal support
  • Release of own token BBC

Let’s start with the features of CRYPTOS.

Campaign running until end of Feb

Deposit before the end of the month and you’ll receive a You’ll receive a whopping 100% credit bonus up to a cumulative deposit of $1,000!
And if you deposit more than that, you’ll receive a credit bonus up to $6,000 as many times as you like, according to the deposit bonus table!
And if you deposit more than that, you’ll get credit bonuses up to $6,000 as many times as you like, according to the deposit bonus table!

And more! In this promotion, when you make a deposit in BigBoss Coin (BBC), you’ll receive
You’ll receive an additional 10% credit bonus when you deposit with BigBoss Coin (BBC)!
Combine with deposit bonuses for even more savings!

\ 100% credit bonus /


CRYPTOS Features

CRYPTOS is a crypto exchange launched in September 2022, renewing BigBoss’s FOCREX crypto exchange

Compared to the previous FOCREX
  • Processing speed is 100 times faster.
  • Liquidity significantly increased with the addition of liquidity providers

Relaunched with additional fast processing speeds and high liquidity.

Easy to view, simple and intuitive operation on a smartphone. This makes the UI ideal for trading on a smartphone screen.

Open CRYPTOS overview.
Date of serviceSep 2022
Operating companyBigBoss(Prime Point LLC)
LocationSt Vincent and the Grenadines
Languages supportedEnglish, Japanese and Chinese
Form of Transactionspot
Minimum depositNone
Scheduled maintenanceEvery Wednesday
Official websitehttps://cryptos.bigboss-financial.com/

CRYPTOS stocks handled

CRYPTOS handles the following stocks.

Issues that can be traded


Major crypo currencies such as BTC, ETH and USDT can be traded, as well as less common and unusual stocks.

Issues only available in CRYPTOS
  • RSVC, a real estate-backed token
  • BXC” by online wallet BXONE
  • EXC” by Japanese venture GVE Corporation
  • BigBoss coin ‘BBC’ to be listed

It will also handle minor tokens in the future, with future plans for 1,000 currency pairs by the end of the next three years.

CRYPTOS transaction fees

List of CRYPTOS crypto currency transaction fees.

Depositing crypto currency is free, while withdrawals are subject to fees, as on other exchanges.

View CRYPTOS transaction fees.
currencyTaker fee (%)Maker fee (%)

CRYPTOS works with BigBoss

When you open a BigBoss forex account, a CRYPTOS account is also automatically opened.

You can freely transfer funds between CRYPTOS and BigBoss.

In addition, if you wish to withdraw BigBoss profits in crypto currency, you can do so via CRYPTOS.

After converting funds to BBC at CRYPTOS, you can move BBC to your MT4/MT5 account, which will be credited with a credit bonus.

The credit bonus can be used as margin, just like a balance. This gives you a trading advantage.

What is BigBoss?

BigBoss is an international forex broker founded in 2013.

Since its inception, BigBoss has experienced steady growth, with the number of users and annual trading volume growing more than tenfold compared to 2013.

View BigBoss company overview.
Company namePrime Point LLC
LocationSt Vincent and the Grenadines
Number of usersMore than 200,000
Languages supportedChinese, English, Japanese.
Form of TransactionForex FX, cryptocurrency CFDs
Trading pairs41pairs
Official websitehttps://www.bigboss-financial.com/

Prime Point LLC, the operator of BigBoss, has won the International
It has won the top prize in the St. Vincent & Grenadines category at the International Business Magazine Awards 2022, organised by the International Business Magazine.

  • Best Broker Award 2022
  • Broker with the Most Growth Potential Award 2022
  • Broker Award for providing the best trading experience 2022

This news item was distributed by EINPRESSWIRE, an online press release distribution media outlet in the USA.

What is the BBC (BigBoss coin)?

BBCs (BigBoss Coins) are proprietary tokens issued by BigBoss and are known as BigBoss performance-linked tokens.

The BBC is repurchased from BigBoss sales, so the more BigBoss’ performance grows, the more valuable the BBC becomes.

The BBC also has a token sale and IEO at the end of 2022, all of which are sold out.

BBC Token Sale Schedule(Finished)

Presale (round 2)
  • Start date for subscription: Thursday 24 November at 20:00 (JST)
  • Selling price: 0.70 USD
  • Offered quota: 1,000,000 BBC (700,000 USD equivalent)
IEO (round 3)
  • Start date of application: 20:00 (JST), Tuesday 13 December
  • Selling price: 1.00 USD
  • Offered quota: 2,000,000 BBC (equivalent to 2,000,000 USD)

‘BBC’ Buy Back & Burn with BigBoss revenues

The BigBoss coin ‘BBC’ is issued under ERC-20

  • Token sale at the end of 2022
  • January 2023, listing on CRYPTOS.

Every quarter, 25% of BigBoss’ revenue is used to buyback and burn the BBC to stabilise its value.

In addition, the benefits of owning the BBC include

  • Staking in the BBC
  • preferential trading conditions at BigBoss.

The structure is designed to increase the value of the BBC mainly through these two measures.

The token design is rich in utility, including buyback & burn and staking using operating revenue, preferential leverage for BBC holdings, and a user grade system.

Skeb Coin, which uses a similar token model to use operating funds for buyback & burn.

See also.

>>What is a Skebcoin? A Japanese explanation


Let’s look at some of the disadvantages to remember when using CRYPTOS.

Fewer trading pairs

There are currently 11 pairs that can be traded on CRYPTOS.

This is a small number of pairs for an exchange, but the company plans to expand its business to over 1,000 pairs in the next three years.

The Crypto exchange with more than 1,000 trading pairs is second only to Binance, the world’s number one exchange. Expect more updates in the future.

CRYPTOS Advantages

When you register with CRYPTOS, you are automatically given a BigBoss account as well, so you can trade a wide range of currencies, from forex trading to virtual currencies, and also

  • The only exchange where you can buy the proprietary token BBC
  • Withdrawals in as little as 0 days

With these advantages, those who also trade forex have the benefit of not having to separate their accounts.

It also acts as a ‘hub’ for banks, currency FX accounts and crypto accounts, which can be used smoothly.

How to open a CRYPTOS account

Opening a CRYPTOS account is done on the BigBoss website and can be done easily from either a computer or a smartphone.

When registering, it is important to

Make sure your name is the same as the name on your credit card.

This is because the same information as the cardholder’s name is required when depositing by credit card.

Take these precautions into account when you move on to opening an account.

Create an account with CRYPTOS
Steps to open a CRYPTOS account
Steps to open a CRYPTOS account

Select ‘Quick account opening’ from the CRYPTOS official page.

Registration of personal data

Fill in the form from the top.

If you plan to use a credit card, use the same name as the card.

Enter nationality and place of residence.

You can apply with utility bills and bank account documents from your place of residence.

Finally, agree to the captcha and terms and conditions and click ‘Submit’.

Password confirmation.

BigBoss will send you a login password.

Log in (complete)

Log in with the password and email address sent to you.

Registration is now complete.


So, what is BigBoss’ virtual currency exchange CRYPTOS? was.

Open an account with CRYPTOS to prepare for the purchase of BigBoss coins!

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