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What is a Skebcoin? A Japanese explanation

Skeb is the largest commission platform in Japan.

The service allows clients to send requests to creators and creators to create works and receive rewards!

Skeb is a platform that has grown significantly since its launch in 2018, with 2.2 million registered users and over 110,000 creators in total

30% of users are from overseas, indicating the popularity of Japanese anime and manga culture.

Skeb says it is not yet entering the NFT.

People interested in NFT art should look at this page

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Skeb will release its own token, Skeb Coin, on 29 August 2022, using the IDO platform DAO Maker.

Skeb Coin was scheduled for offering on the crypto asset exchange Zaif by September 2022, but this has now changed to offering on the world’s largest IDO platform DAO Maker on 29 August. For more information, please visit the Caica Exchange website

Skeb 公式Twitter

Public rounds of Dao Maker can be participated in if you have at least $1000 in tokens in your wallet.

More information about SHO.

>>Dao Maker Skeb coin

Here is a summary of what we have found out about what kind of crypto currency Skeb Coin is.


What is SkebCoin?

The purpose of issuing Skeb Coin is to create a circulating ecosystem within the Skeb platform.

Skeb has users and creators from all over the world registered, so they are aiming to revitalise the service by introducing payment using crypto currency!

Credit card payments have problems, such as not being able to be settled depending on the expression of the work being purchased, so they are trying to solve this problem by using Skeb Coins for payments.

In addition to Skeb Coin, other currencies that can be used for payment include Bitcoin, Monacoin, bank transfers and convenience store payments.

In addition, although payments will be made in virtual currency, creators will receive their sales in legal tender.

Therefore, there are no losses due to fluctuations in the price of Skeb Coin and tax calculations are not complicated.

SkebCoin token economics

Skeb Coin is the native token (base token) of Skeb, which is also a governor’s token that can be used for voting.

Skeb Coin is issued on the Ethereum network (ERC20) with a total supply of 10 billion coins.

Breakdown of 10 billion Skeb coin

Ecosystem – 19.0%
Liquidity / staking – 19.0%
Foundations – 19.0%
Development team / founders – 15.5
Seed rounds – 8.8%
Advisors / Partners – 7.6%
Private round – 6.0%
Strategic round – 3.2%
Public rounds – 1.9%

road map

Q3 2022 – Q4 ‘IDOs and Listings’

Listing of SHOs and Zaifs in Dao Maker

2023 Q1 – Q2 ‘Development of instant payments’

Instant payment within the Skeb community.

2023 Q3 – Q4 ‘Skeb enhancements’

Mobile app SkebApp
Enhanced features of Skeb coin
Skeb for international creators

Q4 2023 – 2024 ‘Gateway to the virtual world’

Skebverse Metaverse content platform.

Buy back and Burn

Skeb Coin’s token economics include ‘buy-back and burn’.

To increase the value of Skeb Coin, it is planned to repurchase and burn it using fee income from the platform


Skeb Coin plans to introduce staking

Staking Skeb Coin allows you to participate in community DAOs.

Skeb DAO

Community DAOs are

  • Can vote on whether to use platform earnings for buybacks
  • Can vote whether to use the bought-back Skeb Coin for staking rewards
  • Can vote whether to burn the bought-back Skeb Coins

Thus, Skeb Coin’s

「Can participate in voting on system decisions」

and contribute to Skeb’s decentralised community by being deeply involved in Skeb’s ecosystem, functioning as a shareholder of

SkebCoin Price

Dao Maker has four different sale prices

  • Token supply quantity: 10,000,000,000 SKEB
  • Total tokens sold: 1,800,000,000 SKEB
  • Hard cap: 5,500 USD
  • Contract address  0x6D614686550B9E1c1DF4b2cD8f91C9D4df66C810
Seed Round
Strategic Round
Private Round
Public Round

SkebCoin Buyback & Burn

Skebcoin’s 1st Buyback & Burn has taken place.

40 million Skebcoins were bought back using $220K from Skeb revenues.

This represents 10% of the total supply of Skebcoin.

This amount of buyback and incineration from one month’s revenue is very impactful.

50% of the repurchased Skebcoin is allocated to staking rewards and the remaining 50% is burned (incinerated).

This gives Skebcoin a staking reward of 125% APY

>>Find out more about Skebcoin Buyback & Burn on Etherscan.

Skeb earnings used for next buyback

The first buyback was for August 2022.

The next buyback for September 2022 will be for August 2019, inflated to five times the sales in July 2020.

According to information from the official Skebcoin account, 35% of the buybacks for September 2022 have already been bought back.

Buying back from the market gradually, instead of buying back all at once, has a positive impact on the maintenance of Skebcoin’s price.

The management of the Skebcoin operation is quite positive.

Skebcoin chart

OKXのSKEB/USDT、4-hour chart.


OKX, see this article if you want lower transaction fees.

How to buy Skeb coin

As of 2022/10, the exchanges where SKEB can be traded are

The above five locations are all denominated in USDT.

This article explains how to exchange SKEB and ETH via Uniswap.

  1. Prepare ETH for meta-masking.
  2. Connect to Uniswap
  3. Exchange (swap) ETH to SKEB
How to buy SKEB (Uniswap).
See the SKEB purchase procedure.

Go to the SKEB page on CoinGekko and click on the red box to go to the Uniswap trading page, or click on the link below to go to Uniswap.

>>Uniswap SKEB/USDC trading page

Connect uniswap and metamask.

Read the notes and click ‘I understand’.

Enter the quantity of ETH and click on Swap.

Check the gas bill and other costs and click on Confirm swap.

The ETH spent on gas was for $9. The gas price was 15 Gwei.

Approve in Metamask to complete the transaction, click on Add SKEB to make it available for display in Metamask.

How to do Skeb Coin staking

Skeb Staking

124m Skeb Coin staking has been staked as of December 2022.

Skeb Coin’s staking rewards are very high at 136% APR.

Note that there is a 14-day penalty period for staking.

How do I staking the SKEB?
See the SKEB staking method.

Select Launch Staking App from the official Skeb Coin page.

Connect Wallet to connect the metamask. Once connected, the SKEB balance is displayed in Wallet Click Stake.

Click Enable SKEB to authorise it with a metamask.

The gas cost for the transaction was ETH for $1.3.

Enter the SKEB of the quantity you want to stake and click Stake.

Approved by Metamask. The gas cost was ETH for $6.8.

The SKEB could now be staked.

ステーキングできたSKEBが、Your total stakeに表示されました。

Skeb Coin Staking results

Skeb coin (SKEB) was staked from 14 January 2023.

Staking Skeb coin has a fixed period of time to Claim (claim the reward).

I forgot to Claim during January, so my staking reward was burnt.


From now on, the Skeb coin staking reward, Claim, will be once a week.

In the Ethereum network, there is no longer any reason for staking, as the gas cost of Claim is more expensive.

Gas price at 65 gwei
Staking fee amount calculated in OKX

384 SKEB ($1.82) per week of compensation.

The gas cost for the staking reward Claim is $24 at a gas price of 65gwei.

If you continue staking, it is only worth doing because the gas cost to Claim is higher.

The only way to make a profit from staking Skeb coin is to increase the quantity of SKEB staked. This is because the gas costs are the same when you increase the quantity of staking.


Skeb plans to develop a metaverse content platform called ‘Skebverse’ in the future!

AR and VR content will be available to the world from Japanese creators

Where to buy Skebcoin

As of 2022/10, the exchanges where SKEB can be traded are

The above five locations are all denominated in USDT.

As for the other exchanges on which Skeb Coin will be listed, we will wait for further information.

SkebCoin airdrop

130 million Skeb Coins will be airdropped to Skeb creators and users!


To receive Skeb Coins, you must be linked to the domestic exchange Zaif by 31 August 2022

Note that you will not receive airdrops if you link up after the deadline.


Airdrops with a total of 20 million Skeb Coins are available when you link your Skeb and OKX accounts.

Both OKX and Zaif airdrops can be entered simply by linking them together.

SkebCoin summary

This is an explanation of Skeb Coin

Skeb Coin is scheduled to be repurchased and burn using commission income, so if demand increases, it will increase in value!

Finally, here is a summary of this article

  • 2.2 million registered users are in demand for payments.
  • After SHO, listed on Zaif
  • Issued in ERC20, total supply of 10 billion
  • Metaverse platform to be rolled out in the future

Follow Skeb’s official account for updates!

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