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【Crypto beginners】Anti-phishing measures you should know about

Before you start using crypto currency, here is a list of “anti-phishing measures you need to know”.

If you follow the tips in this article, you will significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of scams and phishing!

I have also learnt a lot from the experiences of my friends who have actually experienced theft, which I would like to share with you.


Two step verification of free email

The first thing you want to do is to set up two-step verification for your free email (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), which you are asked to enter when registering on exchanges, etc.

If you take a picture of your seed phrase or private key and save it in the cloud or in a memo, it is dangerous because such information can be leaked if your account is hijacked

Two-step verification means that when you log in, you are additionally authenticated with a pre-set phone number or a sub email address, which makes it more secure

It is always a good idea to set this up before you start using crypto currency.

Use google authentication

Google Authenticator is an application for two-step verification, which is required when logging in to an exchange or applying for a withdrawal, so it is necessary to download it.

Because the authentication code of Google Authenticator changes every few tens of seconds, it is hard to be guessed and is an application with a high security effect!

It is a hassle to enter them every time, but be sure to install and set them up!

Password management

Set individual strong passwords for each exchange you open an account with.

If you use the same password for all your social networking sites, you increase the chances of your password being cracked!

I use ‘DropBox password’ to manage my passwords

DropBox password is a useful app because it suggests candidates for passwords to set and manages them all in one place!

Another famous app is ‘1password’, which is also used by many people who are doing crypto currency!

Phishing aimed at NFT creators

With more and more creators saying they want to create and sell NFTs, phishing scams targeting creators are on the rise

They approach you with what they claim is a job offer and send you a ZIP or exe file asking you to look at the details.

The files are embedded with malware, and when opened, they are infected with malware and their assets are stolen.

Creators are basically looking for work with NFTs, so they are likely to fall for phishing scams that take advantage of this sentiment.

However, it is difficult to say whether you should refuse everything, as it might really be a job offer!

Anti malware

In such cases, if you install security software as an anti-malware measure, it will warn you and prevent malware infection before it happens!

If you want to start using NFT Creator, you should install security software.

Fake support

There are a lot of fakes out there in the virtual currency world that target those who want to “contact support and get advice.”

Be aware that they look exactly like official accounts and are disguised so that you can’t recognise them!

Fake supporters (scammers) will always ask you to give them your seed phrase in order to steal funds from your wallet.

If you tell them, they will uproot you and steal the assets in your wallet, so never tell them!

Multiple wallets metamask

One thing you may want to do now that you have more opportunities to use decentralised exchanges (DEXs) such as Pancake Swap and Uniswap is to create multiple wallets!

In the world of virtual currencies, there are many experimental projects, which can result in assets being leaked due to bugs or attacks from hackers

To avoid such risks, you can spread the risk by using a main wallet and a sub wallet.

For more information on how to create multiple accounts with MetaMask, please refer to ‘metamask multiple accounts【How to creat&import 】

No Google searches

Around 2021, a fake Bitpoint website was displayed in a Google ad, with a phishing site that subtly changed the spelling of the address to make it unrecognisable

  • Official address ‘Bitpoint’
  • Phishing site address ‘Bitponit’

The phishing site is made to look exactly like the real thing and is a terrifying site where all your information and assets, including passwords, can be extracted once you log in without realising it!

They contacted Bitpoint and the police and did everything they could, but they still have not received their assets back. …..

In other cases, assets have been stolen by phishing sites that showed up on a Google search for “Metamask”.

Never ‘Google search’ for crypto currency-related projects!


Scammers approach you in various ways to steal your assets

Basically, it is definitely better not to believe easily, or rather to “question everything”!

I sincerely hope that those who are just starting out with crypto currency do not lose their assets!

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