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How to get free mint NFT?|what I have tried

If you can get and sell NFTs for free, you can make money with zero risk.

This is called ‘freemint’.

A low-risk way to participate as the amount of NFTs is free, although you will have to pay for gas (even less risky if you choose a chain with easy gas).

Furthermore, if the value of the NFTs you have freeminted increases, you can make more profit from reselling them!

Another key to successful NFT resale is to receive NFTs from projects that are likely to grow and wait for them to increase in value.

The key points of this article to keep in mind are

NFTs may be handed out as a certificate of proof.

This means.

You may receive an NFT as proof of your contribution at the beginning of the project, which is a very important point in terms of contributing to the organisation and is connected to the DAO.

If you keep this in mind, you may discover something further down the line.

There may not be many opportunities, but some challenges can be taken on just by saving up a pottage every day, such as the Poypie challenge!

If you have the Zerion wallet mentioned in this article, you can download the app to receive NFTs and airdrops.

Now, I’d like to introduce you to some of the challenges!


Coingecko NFT

CoinGecko is a useful site where you can monitor Bitcoin and Altcoin charts and information by category (e.g. check NFT-related stocks)

Coingekko gives out candy (points) as a login bonus, which can be exchanged for NFTs or other services

The price has now dropped, but the NFT collaboration between the P2E game Revv and CoinGecko was worth about $150!

NFTs obtained from CoinGecko can be traded on Opensea.

We recommend that you simply log in to the app every day and pop in for a chance to exchange your NFTs.


Zapper used to allow you to earn login points and exchange them for NFTs (the login bonus has ended).

You can trade your Zapper NFTs at Opensea.

Zerion DNA

Zerion DNA is a unique NFT that changes depending on the address network type and on-chain history (e.g. sending and receiving crypto currency)

It’s worth a try as you can get it for free when you download the wallet!

Also, Zerion hasn’t released any tokens yet, so if they decide to release tokens in the future, there may be some benefits to having an NFT (e.g. airdrop of tokens).

How to make a Zerion DNA claim

First download the Zerion wallet app

Create a new wallet in Zerion Wallet or import a wallet from MetaMask, Ledger, Trust Wallet etc.

Go to the NFT tab of your wallet and click the Claim Zerion DNA button

*NFT is free, but you will need a small amount of ETH to pay for the gas to claim it.

Download the Zerion Wallet here

 iOS  Android 

Decagon NFT

DECA is an application that allows you to create a gallery to display NFTs, and you can get free NFTs when you connect your metamask.

As you complete tasks such as entering your profile and following other users to raise your level, the NFT patterns become more precise!

The Deca app randomly displays the artworks collected by users on the standby screen!

This is a great way for creators to market their work!

Decagon NFT sold for 10 ETH!

Earning 10 ETH for a freemint is a dream come true!

The number #10 is the number to look out for here, which is assigned in the order in which they were minted.

NFTs tend to sell at a higher price if the number is a close or young number!

Decagon NFTs obtained through DECA can be traded on Opensea

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