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List of NFT marketplaces【Solana】

This section lists the NFT marketplaces deployed on the Solana chain.

There are various NFT marketplaces deployed on each blockchain, but the Solana chain, especially MagicEden, is by far the most active marketplace with the highest number of transactions.



MagicEden is the NFT marketplace with the highest transaction volume of all the NFT marketplaces in the Solana chain

MagicEden has a transaction fee of 2%, which is deducted from sales when a transaction is concluded.

MagicEden also has a new investment arm, Magic Ventures, and a gaming hub, Eden Games, which has partnered with NFT projects Aurory, Genopets and Mini Royale Nations.

Metaplex Certified Collection Standard(MCC)

When creators apply for a listing, it takes a minimum of two days for review, but Metaplex Certified NFTs can list without review by MagicEden!

Magic Eden’s Creator Hub can be used to transfer collections to the Metaplex Certified Collection Standard, and creators minting new collections on Candy Machinev2 will automatically be published on the new Metaplex Standard.


Solanart is an NFT marketplace on the Solana network where users can create, sell and buy Solana-based NFTs

There are no listing fees on Solanart and you can apply for a listing by filling in the form.

Popular NFT collections on Solanart include Degenerate Ape Academy, Aurory, Solpunks and Galactic Gecko

Solanart NFT TOP5

Solanart commissions are charged per transaction and are 3% of the sale price, creator commissions are deducted from the sale price and are paid in full by the creator


The types of NFTs listed on Solsea include CGI Collections, Art NFTs, Gaming NFTs, Utility NFTs, Collectibles NFTs and 3D works, with a 3% commission on each NFT transaction.

An NFT marketplace where you can also buy NFTs directly from the virtual currency exchange FTX’s service FTX-Pay

Solsea is also the only marketplace that can list Solana Chain unauthorised NFTs


Metaplex is an NFT marketplace backed by Solana Labs and virtual currency exchange FTX, with very low fees, less than $1 mint cost and no platform fees!

NFTs issued using Metaplex’s Candy Machine can pass MagicEden’s listing review and are recommended for creators

What is Metaplex’s Candy Machine?

Candy Machine is a tool for issuing NFTs in the Solana chain, developed by Metaplex

Over 100,000 NFTs have been created using Candy Machine, a proven tool!

By creating NFTs with Candy Machine, creators can attach appropriate information to the NFT, helping users to determine if the NFT is genuine or not.


This was the introduction to the list of NFT marketplaces using the Solana network.

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