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【Lifinity Protocol】Staking LFNTY and Lifinity Flares NFT

I joined Lifinity Protocol from the sale and am currently running 5500 $LFNTY and 6 Lifinity Flares NFTs in staking.

In this article, I would like to share with you the features of Lifinity Protocol and how much profit I have actually made operating in Staking.

I would like to share the results of operating in Staking for one month.


What is the Lifinity Protocol?

Lifinity Protocol is a decentralised exchange (DEX) designed to reduce IL (variable losses) using a method called centralised liquidity.

Lifinity Protocol issues its own token called ‘$LFNTY’ and ‘Lifinity Flares NFT’ on the SOL/Solana chain.

LFNTY token

Lifinity did not raise VC funding, but sold veLFNTY on veIDO and raised funds.

20% of the total LFNTY supply was sold on veLFNTY (LFNTY with lock-up) and the maximum of $30m was sold out.

I took part in the sale and bought around 5500 LFNTY tokens, staking LFNTY tokens with a 4-year lock-up.

Staking profits are distributed once a month in the following 12 tokens.

  • SOL/Solana
  • LDO/Lido DAO Token
  • stSOL/Lido Staked SOL
  • ETH
  • mSOL/Marinade Staked SOL
  • USDC
  • RAY/Raydium
  • SRM/Serum
  • UXD/UXD Stable Coin
  • soFTT/Wrapped FTT
  • MNGO/Mango
  • GMT

Staking reward

Lifinity Protocol generates revenue from DEX transaction fees and from market-making using Oracle.

Half of the revenue is distributed to holders of locked LFNTYs, ‘veLFNTYs’, and the other half is used to buy back LFNTYs.

Where can I buy LFNTY?

$LFNTY is traded on the Solana/Solana chain DEX ‘Jupiter Aggregator‘.

Charts and information can be found on CoinGecko.

>>View on CoinGecko.

What is Lifinity Flares NFT?

The Lifinity Protocol is a completely new product that combines the DEX and NFTs mentioned above.

Staking Lifinity Flares NFTs, you can receive $LFNTY as compensation.

We also offer NFT buybacks with trading commissions and royalties on Lifinity Flares NFTs.

Buybacks are weekly and data is published on the official Discord, as shown in the image, so that users can see how much has been bought back.

Lifinity Flares NFT buybacks are designed to be bought back in order from the floor price.

On the official Discord, a bot will send out a notification each time an NFT is bought back.

Where can I buy Lifinity Flares NFT?

Lifinity Flares NFT is traded on ‘MagicEden’

>>View Lifinity Flares NFT on MagicEden.

Staking rewards for veLFNTY

What would the staking reward be for 5611 LFNTYs locked up for four years?

The rewards for one month have been finalised and will be published with images.

The monthly staking reward is now approximately USD 19.21.

You can withdraw your reward at once using the Claim All button.

Lifinity Flares NFT staking rewards.

The monthly reward for staking six Lifinity Flares NFTs is then disclosed.

In one month, 83.33 $LFNTY were rewarded.

A profit of $36.73 in terms of USDC.

The $LFNTY has produced a steady profit as it has been bought and supported by DEX earnings.

Lifinity protocol link


These were the operational reports using the Lifinity Protocol.

The results showed that Lifinity Flares NFT staking rewards are more profitable than $LFNTY staking.

I will give another article reporting the results in time.

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