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How to get sui network testnet token for airdrop

Missed Aptos airdrops. Which airdrop is next?

This issue answers these questions.

Since the APT airdrops have been distributed, there has been a lot of attention on whether Sui will also have airdrops. has attracted a lot of attention and the Discord has been flooded with a lot of people.

Sui Network posted on Twitter that the management has no plans to airdrop.

However, there may possibly be an airdrop of Sui tokens as it is “at the moment”.

There have been cases in the past where projects that had stated that they would not airdrop have distributed them, so it’s a good idea to touch on it just in case.

In this article, we introduce some of the projects on the Sui Network blockchain that are running test nets and are likely to have airdrops.


SUIBG (SUI Futures Token) to start airdrop soon

Check the official Bitget page.

Bitget has announced an upcoming SUI Futures Token (SUIBG) airdrop event to promote the development of the SUI ecosystem.

SUIBG is an official SUI token exchange certificate jointly issued by Bitget and BitKeep.

By owning a SUIBG and completing the corresponding tasks, you have the opportunity to earn SUI.

By completing the following tasks, you can take part in the SUI Futures Token (SUIBG) airdrop event and get the chance to win SUI.

Campaign period: 17 March 2023, 7pm – 17 April 2023, 7pm CET).

  • One draw for each KYC authorisation completed.
  • One draw for completing one deposit of any amount.
  • One draw for total futures volume of USD 10,000 USDT or more.
  • One draw for cash transaction volume of USD 1,000 USDT or more.
  • One draw when invited friends complete KYC verification and trade at least 1,000 USDT in cash transactions.
  • Two draws if you invite four or more friends and the invited ones fulfil the same requirements.
  • 3 draws if you invite 7 or more friends and the invited guests fulfil the same requirements.

\ Get SUI airdrop /

Sui wallet for testnet token

Sui wallet has been updated and your previous history has been reset. Restore your previous Sui wallet or create a new one.

First, download Sui Wallet.

>>Sui wallet (Google extension).

How do I restore my Sui wallet?
See how to create and restore a Sui wallet.

First, download Sui Wallet.

>>Sui wallet

Click on ‘Get Started’.

Select ‘New Wallet’ to create a new one or ‘Import’ to restore a previous wallet.

Enter the recovery phrase and click Continue.

Enter the password for opening the wallet and the restoration is complete.

Switching Sui wallet Devnet and Testnet

Open the tab in the top right-hand corner of Sui wallet to open the following image.

Click on the red box from Network.

Click Sui Devnet and Sui Testnet to make changes. There is no save button, so you can just close it.

How to get sui faucet

Testnet Token and Devnet Token are requested by entering the address in Sui’s Discord.

>>Sui Discord

Once you have joined Discord, select Testnet-faucet from the tab on the left.

if you enter !faucet 0x~ with your Sui address, you will receive a 0.1 Sui testnet token.

It’s very busy, so be patient.

Sui testnet staking

Sui Network testnet tokens can now be staked.

Open the Sui wallet and click on Stake & Earn SUI.

Select the node to be staked and click Select Amount.

Enter the quantity of SUI tokens you wish to staking and staking.

Once staking is complete, details are available.

Minting the NFT in Sui Testnet

Select Sui Wallet Apps and click ‘Mint an NFT’.

Once completed, the NFT will appear in the Sui Wallet.

Making a transaction in Sui Testnet

Send a test net token from your Sui wallet to create a transaction.

First of all, create a wallet to send to.

>>Suiet wallet

Select ‘Send’ in Sui Wallet.

Enter the quantity you want to send and ‘Continue’.

Enter Suiet’s address in the red box above and click ‘Send Coin Now’ to send.

Minting the Suiet NFT Testnet

You can also mint NFTs in Suiet, which is a good idea to do.

Suiswap(with airdrop mentions)


The Suiswap team plans to airdrop at least 2% of the total supply of Suiswap tokens after the release of the TGE Suiswap mainnet.

When distributing these tokens, the team aims to measure the swap points owned by each community member to ensure a fair distribution of tokens.

You can earn Suiswap points in the following ways

  • Earn swap points by participating in activities organised by Suiswap
  • Become OG, OG Gold, OG Platinum etc. on the Suiswap Discord
  • Join the Suiswap Discord to exchange ideas
  • Complete Crew3 tasks and earn Suiswap points
  • Collect Suiswap Galxe OAT tokens

what suiswap points can be used for

Every XP in Crew3 will be converted into Suiswap tokens when the mainnet goes live

Suiswap Twitter

Crew3 XP can be exchanged for Suiswap tokens, so you should complete a lot of tasks in Crew3.

In the Suiswap Governance Token Airdrop event, Suiswap OG is converted into specific Suiswap points, which are used as proof of contribution in the airdrop event. The rules for the exchange are as follows.

  • Suiswap OG: 2000 Suiswap Points
  • Suiswap OG Booster: 4000 Suiswap Points
  • Suiswap OG Gold: 10000 Suiswap Points
  • Suiswap OG Platinum: 60000 Suiswap Points

Sui Capys NFT(Testnet)

Sui Capys

Capys NFTs can be claimed by installing Ethos wallet as a Google extension.

The installation procedure for Ethos wallet is the same as for Sui wallet and Suiet wallet.

>>Ethos wallet

Once you have installed Ethos wallet, get a Capys NFT ticket.

Clicking on ‘Get Capy’ takes you to the official Capys page.

Connect your wallet on the official page; Suiet wallet, Martian wallet and Suiet wallet can be connected.

Once connected, go to the ‘Capy Market’ to purchase NFTs.

Click on the red box to buy; authorise the transaction in Sui wallet.

How to bleed Sui Capys NFT

From the tabs on the official Sui Capys page, click on ‘Breed Capys’.

You can create a new NFT by combining two Sui Capys NFTs you have just purchased.

Sui Name Service (with airdrop mentions)

Sui Name Service Twitter

Sui Name Service ($SNS) is the name service of the Sui Network and is the Sui version of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

The Sui Name Service has been talking about airdrops.

According to posts on Twitter, airdrops of SNS tokens are available to the following contributors.

Who is eligible for airdrops of SNS tokens?
  • Staff and members
  • Initial contributors
  • Content creators
  • SNS domain holders

Connect your Sui wallet to the Sui Name Service and get an SNS domain.

How do I get an SNS domain?
See how to get a SNS domain.

Connect your Sui wallet on the official Sui Name Service page.

Once connected, enter the desired words in ‘Search sui nemes’ and click ‘Search’.

If the domain is open, you will see Avaiable now as shown in the image and click ‘Select Domain’.

Select the number of years of acquisition and click ‘Buy Domain’.

The Sui wallet will launch and you can approve it.

Click on ‘Reveal my Domain NFT’.

You now have a Sui Name Service domain NFT.

As mentioned in the tweet, you should complete the tasks in CREW3 below.

>>Earn points for CREW3 tasks on Sui Name Service

Galxe also receives an OAT from the Sui Name Service.

>>Go to Galxe’s OAT page.

Once you have registered, keep up to date with the latest news on Discord.

Sui Name Service (SuiNS) testnet (Devnet)

Sui Name Service (SuiNS) also gives you a Sui domain on the testnet.


Enter the name you want in Roman characters in the search window on the top page.

If the domain with the name you want is available, you will see Available; click Select.

Click on Register Name, approve with Sui wallet and you are done.

BlueMove, Sui NFT marketplace

BlueMove is a multi-chain NFT marketplace project of Aptos and Sui, which made headlines with its airdrop.

It is currently running on a testnet and you can earn points for completing tasks.

To enter, you need to connect four things

  • Registration of an email address
  • Metamask connection
  • Twitter connection
  • Discord connection

When you connect all of them, you can enter tasks as shown in the image, and you will accumulate XP (points) in rewards, and your level will increase.

Like the Zapper quests, you may get NFTs or some other rewards, so it’s a good idea to do this when you have time.


BlueMove has released DEX on Devnet.

This is also a testnet, so you can try it out for free, and you can swap testnet tokens and supply liquidity with BlueMoveSwap.

How to use BlueMoveSwap
Open to see the procedure.

Connect the wallet to BlueMoveSwap.


Swap SUI testnet tokens to USDT Click Swap.

Authorise with Sui wallet; click Approve.

This completes the Swap. The liquidity is then supplied.

Select Pool from the tabs at the top and the Your Liquidity screen will appear.

Click Add Liquidity.

Enter the amount of SUI and USDT and click Add Liquidity.

Authorise with your Sui wallet.

This has provided liquidity to BlueMoveSwap.


Suia can Claim various NFTs (DevNet).

Sui Testnet ‘Kriya DEX’

The Kriya DEX is a DEX deployed on the Sui Network and is currently running a test net.

Click on ‘Try Kriya Swap’ in the red box to use the DEX.

All you need is a ‘Sui wallet’ or ‘Ethos wallet’.

Once you are at the Kriya DEX, connect with ‘Connect Wallet’.

Then click on ‘Get Test Token’ to mint the tUSD.

Once minted, select ‘Swap’ and swap about half of the tUSD into tBTC.

Once swapped, select ‘Liquidity’ to pool tUSD and tBTC.

This completes the testnet operation.


These are the projects that are likely to have airdrops in the Sui Network.


There is a possibility of listing on Binance like APT, so let’s create an account and get ready!

>>How to create Binance account and verify identity

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