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SIX502|BCG Dice or Dead ex-Hudson Team

‘SIX502’ What is the Blockchain Game (BCG) released by the former Hudson management team?

Hudson is one of Japan’s leading video game companies and its games are popular both in Japan and abroad.

  • Bomberman.
  • Road Runner
  • Doraemon.
  • Momotaro Dentetsu

Hudson was a dominant force in the NES heyday, including The former management team of Hudson is now moving into new blockchain games.

In this article, we will discuss what is SIX502? It will also summarise Dice or Dead, BCG game released by SIX502.


What is SIX502, run by former Hudson management?

SIX502 is a project to revolutionise blockchain gaming, founded by the management team of Hudson, a legendary game developer from the heyday of the NES.

Who are the members of SIX502?
  • Mr Naoyuki Tsuji (Chief Producer)
  • Mr Toshiyuki Takahashi (producer)
  • Mr Kazutaka Mori (Lawyer)

Information on the above three is available on the official website.

Naoyuki Tsuji is a former director and head of development at Hudson. He was President of Hudson Soft in the US and Europe and CFO of Hudson Entertainment in the US.

Toshiyuki Takahashi is the ‘Takahashi Meijin’, a Hudson game title.

SIX502 Operational information
Company overview.
Company nameSENRYOUBAKO Pte.Ltd.
representativeDaisuke Senga
Head office location105 CECIL STREET, #24-02, THE OCTAGON, SINGAPORE 069534
capital stock100,000 SGD
client bankOCBC

The SIX502 concept is a ‘battle royal’

SIX502 is a place (platform) where you can play various games and compete in serious games with players from all over the world for SIX502 tokens.

A W2E (Win to Earn) platform that allows players to win SIX502 tokens through serious competition, unlike existing BCGs where speculative traders and token distribution models can easily lead to selling pressure and an exhausted ecosystem.

SIX502 uses jack pods

Jackpots are lotteries in which funds are pooled from the game entry fees.

Participants receive bonuses from the jackpot pool by taking part in future releases of battle royale games by SIX502.

The battle royale and jackpot are expected to work well and be hotly contested.

SIX502 ‘Roadmap’

What about SIX502’s Roadmap?
  • Jan 2023 Private sale
  • Feb 2023 First game testnet
  • Feb 2023 Public sale
  • March 2023 Listing Simultaneous game launches
  • May 2023 Second game launch
  • June 2023 Third-party game launches
  • July 2023 3rd game launch

The first blockchain game will be Dice or Dead.

What is the BCG ‘Dice or Dead’?

The first BCG to be released by SIX502 is the ‘Dice or Dead’ dice board game, in which three players compete.

A battle royale format is used where SIX502 tokens are battled for.

Players pay a participation fee, roll dice to obtain parts in urban areas around the world and use their cards to win.

The ranking is based on assets collected over a three-year period, with cash prizes awarded to the winners.

SIX502 token economics

SIX502 plans to issue its own tokens.

On the official SIX502 website, the token sale page is Coming soon, but token economics are listed.

Unique tokens are used for game rewards, as well as for

What is the breakdown of SIX502 tokens?
See an overview of SIX502 tokens.
Total number issued 500 million
100 million
100 million
Ecosystem Reserve
100 million
75 million
50 million
Partners & Advisors
50 million
15 million
Initial Liquidity
10 million
Partners & Advisors6-month lock, then 12-month split release
PrivateSaleTGE 10% unlocked, 12-month instalment unlocked
PublicSaleTGE 20% unlocked, 12-month instalment unlocked
Ecosystem Reserve5% unlocked monthly
Marketing1% unlocked monthly, 10% unlocked from month 13
Team12 months locked, 1% unlocked per month


This was an overview of SIX502, a project by former Hudson management, and an explanation of the first planned release, Dice or Dead.

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