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How to buy RUX token to DEX using Metamask

RUX is a token for RunBlox, a walk-and-earn system of DeFi.

RunBlox is developed by OpenBlox Limited, a London, UK-based company.

OpenBlox is a platform that develops several NFT-based blockchain games in addition to RunBlox.

In this article, we will summarise how to buy RunBlox RUX tokens developed by OpenBlox Limited, charts and information.


how to connect metamask to trader joe

Since Runblox RUX tokens are issued in the Avalanche (AVAX) chain, the Avalanche C chain must be set up in Metamask.First, open Chainlist in Metamask’s browser.

Set RPCs in the meta mask.

Press Connect Wallet to connect Metamask to Chainlist.Find Avalanche meinnet and press Add to Network to register it with Metamask.

Metamask’s display will now change from ETH to AVAX and you are ready to receive AVAX in Metamask.

The next step is to send AVAX to Metamask to buy RUX tokens.

Steps to buy RUX tokens with Trader Joe

This section explains trading with Trader Joe, with images.

  1. Prepare AVAX for metamasking.
  2. Connect to Trader Joe’s
  3. Trading AXAX and RUX

How to trade RUX tokens

First go to Trader Joe from the Metamask browser and press Connect Wallet to connect Metamask.

Press USDC to search for RUX tokens

Copy and paste the RUX contract address into the Select Token search window


Press Add to register and make it easier to search for RUX tokens when selling them later!

Enter the quantity of AXAX you want to buy and press SWAP to complete the transaction.

RunBlox RUX holder count here

When I first checked, the RUX holder was 600.…

Check out the RunBlox RUX chart here

RUX real-time chart of Coingecko.

Chart from listing to now.

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